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to discuss your website with Gemma.

Web Gems is a company that specialises in website design and development. We create bespoke design’s to make your website look great and advertise your company.

By choosing Web Gems, you will be in contact with the main developer Gemma, at all times. That’s me! No getting lost in a big business, you can discuss your requirements with me anytime.

A website can do wonders for your business:

  • Adds credibility to your business and strengthens your brand.
  • With a website you can cover a larger geographical area of customers.
  • A website is open 24/7 making your bussiness available to your customers when convenient to them.
  • Regular updates to your website can help you better communicate with your customers. It’s much easier to sell to customers who already know and trust you.

What do you offer?
Website Development to suit your business. And hosting. The complete package of setting up your business on the web!

Website modern design

What do you create the website in?
We write the websites using HTML5 and CSS3, which make them compatible with iPhones and iPads and normal web browsers.

How long does it take?
The time for a websites completion depends on the package choosen. A basic website is usually ready in two weeks.